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Batteries included components
to build beautiful data visualizations

Datalith is a collection of lightweight and easily customizable React components to visualize data on the web.
Designed for simplicity, speed and ease of use. The raw data is the only requirement.

# Single install
$ yarn add datalith

# Scoped packages install
$ yarn add @datalith/flower @datalith/hexmap
Check out the Storybook to see available charts and documentation

Typed React components for optimal DX

All components are statically typed.
If you use Typescript you can get live type checking with intellisense and IDE-specific tooling.

Simple, shared API

The charts have a common set of configurations,
as well as data accessor functions provided as props, to associate
each chart feature with the right data point.

Easy to integrate, customize, and enhance

The scoped package install allows to only plug in the packages you need for your project.
The charts are quickly customizable, and may be easily extended with additional svg elements
(e.g. to add axis or labels) using the additionalElements prop.

A project by Luca Falasco